[Advaita-l] My Questions and My Mails

Prasad Ramamurthy Kadambi kaupeenavanta at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 00:02:17 CST 2006


On 3/27/06, RAMESH RAMANAN <rameshramanan at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear All,
>   The Sringeri websites sringeri.org, sringeri.net and
> sringerisharadapeetam.org seem to have been hacked by some unscrupulous
> scoundrels for no other reason than ease of access and sadistic pleasure. I
> think the webmaster of the websites must be informed about this. I do not
> have the email address and hence, I can only hope that the situation is
> rectified at the earliest and that we are able to access the websites.
> Pranams, Ramesh

*Yes* very sad indeed to see that. I too have no clue to whom to report. I
would request the esteemed members of this group to bring to the notice of
the concerned, if they know.


Prasad Kadambi

sada shiva samarambham Shankaracharya madhyamam !

asmadacharya paryantham vande guru paramparam !!

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