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      There is no running away for anyone. You can' stop the thinking part
initially for it is not possible and is very important to go through that
phase... Let me try making this clear somehow. It is not possible for the one
who has posed the question to run away from that. It is only through such
questioning and the inability of one's own mind to reach at any decisive answer
to the question that it will cause its own death... Mind holds on to something
only till it has not grown weeker through renunciation, self enquiry,pranayama,
questioning or such doubts and conflicts that cause mind to finally dissolve and
the greatest thing is that mind itself dies....still it needs effort..and that
has to be there...otherwise you may end up asking the same questions again and
again and till the mind dies they will come up again and again....
      Also one more thing, there is always an antithesis to every thesis and
when mind finds itself in such a net or mAyA of questions and doubts and
conflicts it itself surrenders and dies down, or dries down. Also thought is
the initiation of action so thought is very important. In fact all these
scriptures make everyone think in such a manner that all those anti thoughts or
so called mAyic thoughts that seem so opposed to the reality or truth (and all
of us know that they do), that they strike together and die. This is the reason
in my very old mails, I had stressed so much on understanding the paradox of
contradictions (for they make mind to dissolve), of taking the whole as whole
alongwith all its darkness and light.
       Any case Vishwanathanji and you both are perfectly fine, the only
difference is in the pedestal where one is standing. As Vishwanathan ji says
that thought is the source of mAya, that's true, in fact it can be better put.
We say that mind has to die and become no-mind. In fact in those people when
the mind dies it doesn't mean that the person has grown into a fool, it only
means that mind has now become an instrument through which the pure
consciousness seeps very smoothly without any effort and that is what
transforms action into non-action. That is what gives an infinity to the being
for which it was always seeking...that is called the death of mind...That is
the yoga of action, knowledge and meditation.It is always better to learn from
one's own experienging till the mind doesn't crave for experiences any more and
gets purified through self effort. Then you become scriptures and don't need to
quote them all the time, for you know what they are saying and what they mean.

 Well I can write to any length but my writing long emails won't be that
acceptable so, let me try to come out of this email-mAyA.....


Quoting Aditya Varun Chadha <adichad at gmail.com>:

** Greetings,
** On 3/26/06, Viswanathan N <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
** >    In vast majority (say 99.99%) of the cases consciousness is on the mud
** walls( that is your body, mind and ego) which are purely of temporary.
** the mud walls are temporary, but these mud walls had a beginning, when
** the potter created their structure from structureless mud. Although
** the walls are temporary, the mud itself is not.
** My point is that for the pots to exist in the first place, they must
** have been created, that means that mAyA was created. but who created
** them? can nirguNa brahman "create"? No. but since brahman alone
** exists, so if mud walls are temporary, where did the mud walls come
** from in the first place?
** >   Than you think yourself as separate individuals  and EGO, The Maya
** separating them from existence,develops.
** For this to happen, the "you" who thinks "itself" as seperate has to
** exist in some form (non-seperate) and be able to "think". the
** "thought" is the source of mAyA. since brahman alone exists, how can
** it have such a "thought"?
** ____
** It seems that Manish ji's approach is the only solution. Simply don't
** think about that which confuses you. But that feels like running away
** from the question.
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