[Advaita-l] source of mAyA?

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Sun Mar 26 00:48:32 CST 2006


On 3/26/06, Viswanathan N <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>    In vast majority (say 99.99%) of the cases consciousness is on the mud walls( that is your body, mind and ego) which are purely of temporary.

the mud walls are temporary, but these mud walls had a beginning, when
the potter created their structure from structureless mud. Although
the walls are temporary, the mud itself is not.

My point is that for the pots to exist in the first place, they must
have been created, that means that mAyA was created. but who created
them? can nirguNa brahman "create"? No. but since brahman alone
exists, so if mud walls are temporary, where did the mud walls come
from in the first place?

>   Than you think yourself as separate individuals  and EGO, The Maya separating them from existence,develops.

For this to happen, the "you" who thinks "itself" as seperate has to
exist in some form (non-seperate) and be able to "think". the
"thought" is the source of mAyA. since brahman alone exists, how can
it have such a "thought"?

It seems that Manish ji's approach is the only solution. Simply don't
think about that which confuses you. But that feels like running away
from the question.

Aditya Varun Chadha
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