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---Shankaracharya, an 8 year lad reading all the scriptures and interpreting
them...wisdom is not the biproduct of age...

---when one establishes in understanding there are no vedas left. The one who
becomes the essence doesn't contend with words or interpretations.. for peace
of the being has been established....

---who will tell!!!   when understanding has been established, there are no
actions, no activity and no doer....first one has to establish in that, only
then can it be understood and lived and not otherwise....otherwise can only be
interpretations, doubts, conflicts, fights or swami this saying that or swami
that saying this... if that is important, then no problem!! Keep going....

---and further, sannyasa is a state of mind and not anything else...mind has
transcended itself and established in its purity, there SANNYASA IS...Oh my
dear shankaracharyaji, why did you take external sannyasa when you could show
it to others otherwise. Bhagvadagita is showing it from ages endless....Now
see, people are following you and India has been robbed off of its pristine
beauty which is in work for work's sake...well, it was your play so as you
liked it..but who will tell others that it was only a play.. Oh Krishna! Where
are all your gopis who were just portraying that there is much greater life in
the world of wisdom and once trancended and severed the knots of action, there
is no activity left, then who is doing what...just playing...then if you want
....play with gopis or play with words or play with things...or if you want to
play then play with the external robes of so called sannyasin....

(and fight arjuna...fight...)- That's advaita....Read all your vedas and you
will reach there only....for if you read Bhagvada gita- you will find that it
also throws away the authority of vedas - nonetheless this statement is from a
higher standpoint which once reached shows as to how it is so...before that..
only interpretations ...

Wisdom decides maturity not maturity of any age can decide wisdom...for there
are endless fools who are near to their death-beds.....


Quoting "Dr. Yadu Moharir" <ymoharir at yahoo.com>:

** Namste Siva Senani Nori-Ji:
**   Giitaa is also an Upanishda.  At the end of each chapter we find
**   "
**   AUM tatsaditi shriimadbhagavadgiitaasuupanishhatsu ..........
**   "
**   It is all about understanding.  What tools are used for understanding is
** totally up to the individual.
**   There millions who recite giitaa without understanding.  I recall
** Chanmayaananada commenting on this reciting giitaa.
**   It is not important how many times you go through giitaa but how many
** times you allow giitaa to go through you.
**     If advaita is all about recognition and realization.   If it is OK to
** study giitaa then why should there be a problem with other texts ?
**   Regards,
**   Dr. Yadu
** Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:
**   --- Amuthan wrote:
** > dear shrI Siva Senani Nori,
** >
** > --- Siva Senani Nori wrote:
** > >
** > > application of those to a given situation. In the
** > > case of vedAnta, then, the
** > > proper course to follow would be the upanishats,
** > > brahmasUtras, and then finally
** > > the gItA.
** > i strongly disagree with the above view.
** > traditionally, the study of the upaniShad-s is only
** > for the 'mature'.
** ....
** > (btw, even in science, no one teaches quantum
** > mechanics to a tenth grader.
** Well said, Sir! I should have considered the context more carefully. My
** views
** on upanishats are only with reference to the gItA. But the context of the
** proper time to study upanishats must also have been included. Just to
** complete
** that context, the parts of veda corresponding to the stages of life are:
** brahmachAri - samhitA
** grihastha - brAmhaNa
** vanaprastha - AraNyaka
** sam.nyasi - upanishat
** Regards
** Senani
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