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Hi Santosh
  You started falling on right track, that is basically quest to know things and questioning your self about various things.
  Just don't bother about reading any thing, but Bhagawad Geetha. That too is basically to understand the realities of life. (first theoretically)
  No one can help you to progress in this path and it could be only you.
  first. Try to sit calmly and keep watching your thoughts as an observer.
  Slowly you get in touch with your pure consciousness, which again will keep raising questions after questions and find answers by itself. and thus get more clarity. 
  More you get closer to your consciousness and  more you are in constant touch with it, faster you reach your destination, that is realising "Tat vam Asi"
  Thats it

Santhosh Nair <santhosh_twin at rediffmail.com> wrote:
This is the third mail I am writing to this group after I got replies to some my questions. The two mails that I sent earlier bounced. I hope that this does not bounce. 
In my second mail (you can find the mail below), I had mentioned about starting a group. I have started a group were questions like these could be answered. Anyone, who is ready to answer such questions can please join the group. 

I am pasting the two mails that I sent before this below:


First of all, I want to thank all of you who have replied to message. Shri Subramanya Hirannnaiah, Shri Krunal, Shri Ram Garib, Shri Vishwanath, Shri Eashwer, and Shri Senani. (Forgive me if I have missed out anyone)

Those were truly valuable inputs. So I understand is:

-the main thing I have to do is to do my duty, which will include paying my debts toward God, Parents/Family, and Sages. 
-praying can be of many forms, I can even remember him continuously or chant God's names whenever possible.
-Alcohol/meat-now this is one thing for which I got a variety of different answers. And this is exactly why I am confused. Because whoever supports/opposses this has a source to attach the idea to. Which of these should one follow. I don't know if it helps, but I am Not from a Brahmana community. I think caste-wise, I will be a kshatriya). I could not read what was discussed about caste here and how correct/incorrect the caste-system is. But I believe certain activities are allowed in some castes and not allowed in some other castes (I think what Shri Senaniji meant by "Sadhaka" is a priest, which would mean that the Sadhaka is from the Brahmana community. IS this correct. Or have I gone wrong again??) 

Oh I think I should just give up and do my duties and perfrom whatever I want. But then I should not be performing vices. and not knowing which are vices and which are not, I cannot decide. God, Help Me. 

I sincerely thank all of you who have replied to my messages. I will try to learn more. The problem then is, I don't know what to read. Yes, Bhagawat Gita could be a good option. 

And what Senaniji has mentioned: Gautama,Apastamba (I, 5, 17.21),Manu (V, 56): I don't even know what these are. Can these be learned? Are these text books like Bhagawad Gita?

Once again, sorry for my stupid questions in this list. I think I would start another list where such issues can be discussed (where ignorant fools like me can seek advice.) Please reply if any of you have answers to my questions. I assure you that I would not post any messages after this regarding this subject after this. 

Thanks & pranams,

Hi All
Actually, I had posted a mail thanking all of you who responded to my questions.

I wish to thank all of you who responded to my silly questions in such a forum where discussions of much higher level are happening. But as I said, I could not find a better place to post them. 

I still have a lot of questions but I don't have time (lot of work these days) to post them all. I know I am also bothering those of you who are not intersted in such discussions with my mails. Sorry of that.

I have created a separate group at this address http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vedantaqueries.

Currently, you might not find any new discussions on it as I have just started it. I invite all of you people who are ready and available to answer basic questions by people like me to join the group. (I am now afraid that I will be the only person who will be asking questions.!) 

Thank you all of you,

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