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Viswanathan N vishy1962 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 22:47:55 CST 2006

  You are correct in a way , for all these things if u keep referring to scriptures you will get numourous opinions conflicting to each other. So I will try to provide to my knowledge, reason and understanding:
  1. Forget the caste sysytem first, becaz the four varnas are not exactly doing what is prescribed for them. So it doesnt have any meaning. better it could be decided by your mindset again which is made of your background and samakaras.
  2.You must be aware of three Gunas..Satvic, rajsic and tamasic...every one has these three in diff proposition. But there should always be proper balance,otherwise you wont be in a position to go forward in spiritual path. (for example if you are more tamasic , you wud rather become lazy/ignorant/useless bum without any values in life and more rajisic means more materialistic, aggressive under sort of stress always)
  3.understand that the meat eating and alcohol drinking , is of basically tamasic and at the best rajasic nature.(esp meat eating means eating dead things)
  4.Now, you what these means plus you have your conciouness which is pure and aware of all these factors. In absolute terms there is nothing wrong or right. Even the vedic folks indulged in all these accoring to circumstances . Just sit for a while and listen to your conciousness carefully and do just what it says without compromising.It will lead you the right way and no one else.
  Ultimately its your Consiouness is right....but listen to it before indulgance.
  (learned members pardon me, if I am wrong)
Sanjay Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at gmail.com> wrote:
On Sunday, March 19, 2006, at 10:52 AM, Santhosh Nair wrote:

> -Alcohol/meat-now this is one thing for which I got a variety of 
> different answers. And this is exactly why I am confused. Because 
> whoever supports/opposses this has a source to attach the idea to. 
> Which of these should one follow. I don't know if it helps, but I am 
> Not from a Brahmana community. I think caste-wise, I will be a 
> kshatriya). I could not read what was discussed about caste here and 
> how correct/incorrect the caste-system is. But I believe certain 
> activities are allowed in some castes and not allowed in some other 
> castes (I think what Shri Senaniji meant by "Sadhaka" is a priest, 
> which would mean that the Sadhaka is from the Brahmana community. IS 
> this correct. Or have I gone wrong again??)

If dietary practices are your concern then it should not be very 
difficult to find out what is appropriate for you. Surely, if you are 
going to directly jump into veda-s or start looking into this or that 
smriti-s to find out what is appropriate for you, most likely you will 
come out empty handed. Why not start from a point that is closest to 
you? Look around you, consult your elders in the family, ask learned 
members of your community and very likely you will get some very clear 
cut answers on this subject. Note that even when people are not exactly 
following their dharma, they have usually a fairly decent idea of what 
is expected of them in terms of dharma.


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