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pranams & Welcome to shri. Krishna chaitanya

Let me try to put forth my littele understanding on advaitha....
first put aside all those jargans...like Is Advaitaanubhuti /
Advaitha is fully logical philosophy and nothing else can be as clear and
neare to the truth.
Infact shastras/ guru and all can be like sign post leadng to the right
directions, but its you to do the quetioning / exploring yourself to reach
the ultimate goal. Its you ans You alone.

see whether you can understand the philosophy from this simili......

take a pot made of clay...like that millions /billions of pots all
over.....they are similar to we all living beings
the walls of the pot made of clay are our external appearance...including
our mind/ego combination
The air/ether inside each pot is what we call "Bhraman". Just observe and
realise....it is just ONE...everywhere and in every thing
beginningless and end less. It is the same in all the creatures....
But becaz of our ignorance we centre our consciousness on the mud wall and
not the inner content and indentify ourself with that
mud walls.  In the case of the pot,  the pot breaks often / the wall
dissolves in to the mud and takes shape of another pot, but this in no way
affected the innere ether any way it was there where it was and is. like
this our birth and death...is only to the external walls and due to
ignorance....But once you shift your consciousness from the walls to the
center....thats it... u know who u are...that u r never born or ever going
to die. This shift is called mukthi.

This is what I understand as the core of Advaitha thinking.....Balalnce all
poojas, punaskars are mere rituals to enable that shift to happen.
But unfortunately...people get struk there on the wy and take the means
itself to the end...thats the pity

This is my understanding of the real advaitha.....If i am wrong....may all
the learned pardon me.


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Dear Group,


  I am a newcomer to  this group as well as to the advaita  philosophy.  You
can make this out by the way I framed my  questions.  I would request the
members of the group to clarify my  doubts and help me in my progress.

  What is aparokshanubuti?  Is Advaitaanubhuti same as  aparokshanubuti?
What does anubhuti in advaitaabuhuti  means?  Does that really mean
experience or some thing else?   If it is experience, then what is the
'thing' that is being experienced  and 'who' is the one experiencing?

    Can advaita tatva be explained by logic?  If not how far can shaastras
take you to in attaining aparokshabuti?

    You have the firm conviction in shaastras and then ( or Guru with the
help of shaastras ) explain advaita tattva and you have to complete  what
you have heard (from Guru) by experiencing it in  nididhyaasana.  Is this
right?  What do you get by  nididhyaasana?  Is that aparokshanubuti?  How is
aparokshanubuti connected to Moksha?  Is it one and the same?

    Can this aparokshanubuti be given to a disciple by Guru just out of
grace.  Can this be attained even without the earlier two stages  of Sravana
and Manana.  Where does the advaitaanubhuti experience  give to Swami
Vivekananda by Sri Ramakrishna fall in these whole scheme  of things?

  K. Krishna Chaitanya.

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