[Advaita-l] advaitaanubhuti and aparokshanubhuti

King Krsna krsnachaitanya at yahoo.co.in
Wed Mar 8 03:00:37 CST 2006

Dear Group,
  I am a newcomer to  this group as well as to the advaita  philosophy.  You can make this out by the way I framed my  questions.  I would request the members of the group to clarify my  doubts and help me in my progress.
  What is aparokshanubuti?  Is Advaitaanubhuti same as  aparokshanubuti?  What does anubhuti in advaitaabuhuti  means?  Does that really mean experience or some thing else?   If it is experience, then what is the 'thing' that is being experienced  and 'who' is the one experiencing?
    Can advaita tatva be explained by logic?  If not how far can shaastras take you to in attaining aparokshabuti?
    You have the firm conviction in shaastras and then ( or Guru with the  help of shaastras ) explain advaita tattva and you have to complete  what you have heard (from Guru) by experiencing it in  nididhyaasana.  Is this right?  What do you get by  nididhyaasana?  Is that aparokshanubuti?  How is  aparokshanubuti connected to Moksha?  Is it one and the same?
    Can this aparokshanubuti be given to a disciple by Guru just out of  grace.  Can this be attained even without the earlier two stages  of Sravana and Manana.  Where does the advaitaanubhuti experience  give to Swami Vivekananda by Sri Ramakrishna fall in these whole scheme  of things?
  K. Krishna Chaitanya.
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