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namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI ramesh kRShNamUrti,

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> And in the same vein, do we have any traditional
> meditative practices
> in advaita-vedAnta that are equivalent to the
> theravAdin vipassana?

to my knowledge, there are no equivalents of
vipashyana in yoga. from a cursory analysis of both
these, it appears that the most important difference
between the two is that vipashyana is a process of
observing the nature of things as they are without
reacting to anything that is observed whereas dhyAna
according to yoga is a process which involves a
deliberate attempt by the yogi to make the mind or the
breath behave in a certain desired manner. 

vipashyana (as taught in theravAda schools) will
certainly produce an anubhava j~nAna that both the
body and the mind are anitya and that there is no
'self' in them. this j~nAna will naturally result in
sAdhana chatuShThaya sampatti. of course, this is not
the only way out. sAdhana chatuShThaya sampatti can
also be acquired by traditional methods. there is no
doubt regarding that. my intention in bringing up this
topic was just to show another brilliant alternative. 

vasudevaH sarvaM,

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