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kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 12:33:53 CDT 2006

--- "Dr. Yadu Moharir" <ymoharir at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I think miracle is not walking on water or flying
> through air but walking on ground without stumbling.

Oh!  What a statement of truth Yadu Maharaj.  

That I could breath without a stop, whether I am awake or asleep - is a
miracle indeed.

That bundle of simple muscles could pump day in and day out without a
stop from birth to death is a miracle indeed.

That I dump all junk into my stomach but that is digested in continuous
sequence of steps with appropriate enzymes in the right sequence to aid
digestion is a miracle indeed.

That simple pair of kidneys that can function continually taking out all
the toxics out of the system to keep the system clean to function for
the next round is a miracle indeed.

That power, that miracle worker, whose very presence as vaiswaanara,
enlivening this bundle of matter making it so dynamic with ability to
think, to talk, to walk on this earth is greatest blessing indeed.  The
moment He leaves, the body rottens and one has to get rid of it very

Oh! This belated egotistical mind, you think you are the master of this
body without recognizing that without His enlivening presence you cannot
breathe, we cannot lift a hand, nor walk on the earth, cannot think or
talk.   We will just become a bundle of filth that need to be buried or
burned to keep others sane. What more proof we need for His very
presence. If I deny Him, even the capacity to deny is borrowed from Him,

With Him, we are everything without Him we are nothing.  Let us
recognize His glorious presence because of His mere presence all the
miracles happen and without His presence we are just specks of dust on
the street.  How else we can worship other than just surrender this
egotistical mind and let it get dissolved in this very worship. 
Let His will will be done and not ours.

Hari OM!

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