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Sat Jun 24 10:30:55 CDT 2006

King Krsna <krsnachaitanya at yahoo.co.in> wrote: Dear Prasad,

This sloka says that Gita showers on us the knowledge
of Advaita.  So my doubt is regarding Dvaitins.  This
is in complete negation to their philosophy.


Whether the dvaitain accepts this or not, or whether the VisishtAdvaitin accepts or not, I think it is wiser to analyse, inquire and see whether I have accepted this or not. Am I a Dvaitin? Am I an Advaitin or a VisishtAdvaitin? How much of this knowledge has been meaningful to me.

It may be helpful to develop this attitude and approach Vedanta Sastra:

"The knowldge showered by the Gita is for me. The book as I read is addressed to me. The teacher as he imparts this knowledge is addressing me. It is a mirror reflecting me and my life."

Again I am quoting Paramarthaji, jocularly he would say in class, the minute you leave the Vedanta class and go out and wear your slippers you are a dvaitin."

This is my understanding and I stand to be corrected.

om namo narayanaya
Lakshmi Muthuswamy

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