[Advaita-l] SrI gItAdhyAnam

King Krsna krsnachaitanya at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 23 13:01:48 CDT 2006

Dear Prasad,

This sloka says that Gita showers on us the knowledge
of Advaita.  So my doubt is regarding Dvaitins.  This
is in complete negation to their philosophy.

--- Prasad Ramamurthy Kadambi
<kaupeenavanta at gmail.com> wrote:

> I did'nt get you. If gIta is accepted by all,  then
> what  forbids
> V.Advaitins to accept  this shloka  from MS  ?

Of course gIta is accepted by all but interpreted to
suit their own philosophies.  Moreover this sloka is
not from gIta but from SrI gIta dhyAnam by MS (thanks
to Lakshmi gaaru for the info).

Hope you can clarify.

Thanks and Regards,
K. Krishna Chaitanya

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