[Advaita-l] vyAsa, purANas etc.

Annapureddy Siddhartha Reddy annapureddy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 04:31:18 CDT 2006

praNAM all,
       I have a few comments regarding a bunch of issues under discussion:

-- Abhishekji, could you give the shAstra pramANa for vEda vyAsa being an
incarnation of nArAyaNa? Thanks. The verse usually quoted is from the
mahAbhArata (12.335.9, found in 12.347 of gangUli's translation), and the
same verse is also present in some of the purANas. In 12.350 of gangUli's
translation, vyAsa is identified with the R^iShi apAntaratamAsha who was
like a mAnasa putra of nArAyaNA.

-- Devanathanji, could you tell us where appayya dikShita differs from
shaN^karAchArya on philosophical issues? Clearly, he does not seem to
endorse shiva as the sole ultimate reality (like the Kashmir Saivite
monists), as the shlOka quoted by S.N.Shastriji shows. Thanks.

-- Is srIkanTha a shiva-vishiShThAdvaitin (as proposed by Devanthanji)? I
thought he was an advaitin who identified shiva as the saguNa brahma.


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