[Advaita-l] SaguNOpAsana

Antharyami sathvatha at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 02:59:17 CDT 2006

Hari Om,

Amuthan Arunkumar ji,
It is wrong on your part to mention advaita does not subscribe saguNOpAsana.
Both saguna nirguNa upAsanAs are inherent to Advaita philosophy. In
sahasranAma, gIta bAshyAs emphatically points out nArAyaNa alone as saguNa
Brahman. He does not mention the pancAkshara or shiva. The 'N' in ayana
shabdha regards to only nArAyaNa and not Shiva or any other deity. All
dEvathAs are part and parcel of SaguNa  Brahman which one only ie., nArAyaNa
himself which Adi Shankara intends in his prasthAna thrayi bAshyAs. You are
right to point out the avyakta exists as nArAyaNa himself, no doubt. For
saguNa bhakthi at the vyAvahArika course, the Narayana sthuthi alone aids
moksha. Here bhakthi is not the wholistic sAdhana I mention. It is the organ
for jnAna. jnAna that NarAyana is non-dual entity both at paramarthika and
vyAvahArika notions. As for as Shiva sthuthi or any other dEvatha vandanam
is concerned, one must have the jnAna that nArAyaNa is the antharAtma, which
on sense is precise about the justification for Advaita notions of saguNa

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