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      This message is regarding classfication of Puranas as
Satwik, Rajas, Tamas.
Vishnu puranas are considered as Satwik, Bramha puranas are considered as 
Rajas, Shiva puranas are considered Tamas. What it means is that Shiva 
puranas consists of Satwik, Rajas and Tamas. Same way for Brahma purans 
consists of Satwik and Rajas. However Vishnu puranas consists of only 

Regarding Advaita concept in Vishnu purans :
1. Vishnu puranas gives insight of Advaita concept thru Jada Bharatha
    story, Ribhu story.

2. Varaha purana also gives insight of Advaita concept thru Kapila munis
    with King. It also some more stories regarding Advaita.

But the best purana for Advaita concept is Kurma purana in which Lord 
Vishnu explains. It has reference to Ishwara Geetha. It is sad that entire 
Kurma purana is right now not available any where. Only bits and pieces of 
information is avaialable about Kurma purana.


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