[Advaita-l] DukR~nkaraNe (was Re: Questions on Isavasya)

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Sun Aug 13 15:16:59 CDT 2006


--- Lakshminarayana <narayana_kl_71 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Namaste,
> > It is absolutely imperative to undertake the study
> > of Sanskrit
> > grammar if and when possible so as to understand the
> > scriptures, as
> > the following extract from "Dialogues with the Guru"
> > reveals.
> But is it necessary to study sanskrit for realizing
> brahman?

As the saying goes: "Good enough" is the enemy of the Best.
Translations are "good enough", but that's precisely the problem!

For example, it may be all right to do only the arghya pradAnam.h and
gAyatrI japam.h as part of one's daily saMdhyA. But if you ask a
Guru, he will ask you to do it in its entirety.

I said it is "imperative", meaning it is an *exhortation* by our
Sampradaya and Jagadguru, to study the Sanskrit language (including
grammar) "if and when possible" (in case one does not have capable
teachers or good books, etc. there may be excuses) -- so that one can
comprehend the scriptural teachings in the original language.


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