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Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:
  Dear Sri Reddy,

Final post on the ISAvAsya questions:
  sArthakanAmadhAriNe praNAmasahasram |
  If I may understand your name as vidyayA Sam karotIti vidyASa~Nkarah, you are indeed most appropriately named!
  Your elegant and comprehensive replies have shown me the way and reminded me of my teacher's words. Unskilled wordsmith that I am, I can only express my heart-felt thanks to you for taking the time to reply with enough scholarly detail to counter the criticism and yet with enough clarity for beginners to follow. The concept of 'literalist interpretation' was very useful in putting a lot of issues in perspective.
  I am reminded of one such instance related by my Sanskrit teacher Prof. B. Narasimhacharyulu (himself a Visishtadvaitin), retd. as HoD, Dept. of Sanskrit, Osmania University, about how convolutedly some interpret the word 'panchamyantAh'. The immediately apparent meaning is "words ending in panchamI vibhakti, such as AkAsAt, vAyoh, agneh, and Apah" (from AkAsa, from vAyu etc.); however, as such an interpretation was detrimental to the doctrine at one instance, it was interpreted as "pancha - mI - antAh: the five ending in [the syllable] 'mI' - that is the ordinal numbers panchamI, saptamI, ashTamI, navamI, and daSamI". I never thought that this streak runs through in the interpretation and criticism of the dvaita school.
  And, thanks to Siddharthaji for raising the issues. 
  bowing once again,

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