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On another list, someone claims that the notion of  " love " first appeared 
in the jewish sacred texts, around 12 centuries before Christ.

This person also says that buddhists took back the jewish notion of " love " 
in presenting " compassion ".

May i ask which hindu sanskrit word most accurately represent notions of  " 
love " and " compassion " (karuna?) and when this notion is commonly 
recognised to have been written first ?


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> 'Vidya' shankarji, sAShTA`nga namaskaram,
>  Your posts on isAvAsya have been saved by me for my class prepeartion . 
> Very clear explanation.
>  Teaching orallly seems to be more easier.  Preparing a clear, lucid 
> written presentation like this with Grammar reference is very difficult.
>  Shows how well the concepts have been understood and how clearly they 
> have been taught.
>  Could you please tell me, who you Sanskrit teacher is?
>  om namo narayanaya
>  Lakshmi Muthuswamy
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