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Mon Sep 19 00:20:06 CDT 2005

praNAms Sri Amuthan Arunkumar prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Kindly pardon me for the belated reply.

AA prabhuji:

asfaik, we have absolutely no rights to relax the
vidhi-s in SAstram eventhough we do them only for
chitta Suddhi.

bhaskar :

prabhuji, I am asking about the procedural relaxation within the
vidhi-s...like, instead of sandal paste (gandha) we offer flower, instead
of gajArOhaNam & ashvArOhaNam etc. we simply offer pushpA...So, most of our
kriya-s/offerings in pUjA vidhAna & vratha vidhAna are *bhAva pradhAna* not
strictly as per kriyA pradhANa as insisted by pUrva mImAmsaka-s.

AA prabhuji:

As long as one has not taken up
sannyAsam, one should meticulously adhere to the
various do-s and dont-s mentioned in the SAstra-s.

bhaskar :

Yes prabhuji, I do agree with this...but my question is, as said above,
relaxing & substituting the *items* while observing the pUjA vidhi-s &
making it bhAva pradhAna. Does this attenuation with substitutes allowed
even in strict pUrva mImAmsaka-s rituals also??  I donot think so..since
they believe that *karmAnga vidhi-s/karmAcharaNa* itself can fetch them the
ultimate fruit, they are not ready to entertain any ralaxation in

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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