[Advaita-l] A Plea for Dharmic Help - Books Needed

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 17:45:25 CDT 2005


1. WorldCat

(WorldCat is a catalog of many major world libraries, you can search
and find the book, where it is, and also request for ILL if you have
the right account)

You may still have access to worldcat searches through UT. One thing I
found out last year is that from the  local public libraries (not just
UT/A&M etc.) one can do world cat searches and request books through
ILLIAD. You dont have to physically go to the library, you can
remotely do it.   I have successfully used this service and they get
you the book to your neighborhood public library. And it is often
free.  Even yesterday, I placed a request for William Whitney's
translation (the only available one AFAIK) on Taittiriya pratiSAkhya.
It normally takes a good month to get the book. I did a sample search
with key word kw: grhya and kw: sutra, just now (from my home using
Austin Public Library account - which is free for all those live in
city of Austin) and have sent it to you by personal e-mail.  But the
success and getting good hits depends on the choice of key words.

You may already be knowing all this, if so, apologies.

2.  Connemara Public Library

You already wrote that MS knows about libraries in India. Hence, what
I write may  not be anything new.

In Chennai, Connemara Public Library has very old collections. They
have a separate building called "Old books section"  and many many
researchers frequent there. In terms of old books, I think this
library will be in par with any other world library.  You cannot check
out books from this section, you have to  read them in there. Overall
it is one of oldest and best libraries in India.


My 2c.


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