[Advaita-l] A lost Vedic ritual is brought alive

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 17:18:24 CDT 2005

Initially I thought I will not post further on this
topic but here is my last one.

--- Mahesh Ursekar <mahesh.ursekar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Pranams:
>  A quote from an "abrahmic" saint, Kabir:

>but such
> sectarian thoughts are
> saddening on a list that professes oneness! Advaita!
> (Sorry, Jaldhar, in my
> book "not two" == "one")

It is not as though I never read Kabir.

It is well known that he is heavily influenced by
Hindu thought.

How does the fact that some non Hindu saint was able
to write some poems on lines on Vedanta prove or
disprove that Abrahamic faiths are our enemies or not?

Even though you thought hard what you wrote is simply
both irrelevant and unrelated. Time for you to think
harder(or clearer), I suppose.

Since this is steering more into politics I will stop
here. Reading up some Indian history, will do you lot
of good.

I agree with Dr.Yadu, we never seem to learn from

not two = one ..= Advaita= fhgfkfghf= fjhgfgg?

I suggest going through the archives of this list
carefully to get a better grasp.


I am out of this topic.


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