[Advaita-l] Logic and shastra

praveen.r.bhat at exgate.tek.com praveen.r.bhat at exgate.tek.com
Mon Oct 24 08:48:48 CDT 2005


Sorry, I may've given a wrong feeling here. The question had an answer that
you rightly saw yourself. It should have been assertive on my part, I messed
up. Thanks.

Mahesh-ji wrote:
But as a realized soul, not being able to control anger? How does one
explain that? Krodh, Moha, Lobh, .... are these not the things we are to
another thing one needs to be rid off on the path to realization?


Contradictions here, please! "But as a realized soul" and "to be rid off on
the path to realization?" are two opposite things mixed up. Do you get what
I'm trying to point now? Sir, "one the path" to realization is an "active
path" when one is trying to remove the veil of ignorance. Thats when the
kama, krodha... etc are a binding. "But as a realized soul", (on a time
scale we see, that doesn't exist for a realized since he knows brahmaN is
for ever) there is no active participator, say he's just a witness within
and without happenings. From a realized plane, a realized's prayers make no
sense since he is talking to himself then, right? So they're purely from the
onlooker's perspective or from Ramakrishna's words, he comes down to the
level of the observer to teach. Thats what all our avatars would be, right?


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