[Advaita-l] Three Questions on Jiva, Atman & Brahma-jnAna

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Namaste Arunkumarji,
  On 10/6/05, Amuthan Arunkumar R <aparyap at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> a small observation. brahma j~nAnam is NOT a mental
> phenomenon. it is our svarUpa lakshaNam. a mere mental
> knowledge that the Atman and the brahman are identical
> is not sufficient for mukti. mind too is something
> within avidyA. birth and death, bondage and liberation
> etc. exist only in the mind which is a product of
> avidyA. in reality none of these exist. a j~nAni does
> not perceive anything as identical or non-identical,
> as unity or as multiplicity. he just is.

  The fact that atma is my real self has to be understood only through the
mind. Sravanam and mananam ( listening to the words of the shruti and
getting convinced that atma is my real self is purely an intellectual
process). So how can you say brahma jnanam is not a mental phenomenon?
 hari Om!

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