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V. Krishnamurthy profvk at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 12:12:12 CST 2005

Namaste, Amuthan Arunkumar-ji and others

Coiincidentally right today I have posted the 6th in the
series of Yogamritam, on this list as well as in the other
list "advaitin".  This series is a translation-synopsis of
the fifth chapter of a Sanskrit work of my father.  Today's
post has great relevance to what you have asked. You may
have a look. In fact the whole series is a response to your

In the other list there has been also  an ongoing
discussion  particularly on Patanjali's yoga-samAdhi and
its place in advaita.  Much has been  written there.  You
have to wade through a lot of mails if you want to get at
the entire discussion.

 There is a subtle difference between the yoga described in
yoga-shAstras and the ultimate tranquillity aimed at in the
advaita-sAdhanA. From what I have understood I can try to
give a brief glimpse for you. 
The contention of advaita is that even the mind is an
object and the event of mind staying in the ultimate
yoga-samAdhi is only a mimicking of a subject-object
relationship, where the mind subjectifies itself and makes
brahman an object, which it 'sees'.
 But advaita holds that there is one and only one subject,
that is brahman.  So the tranquillity aimed at by advaita
by deep reasoning and self-analysis is the oneness of
everything including the mind with brahman and staying
consciously in that oneness. 

Now let me leave you to the source literature itself in
which you may or may not want to delve deep.

PraNAms to all seekers of Truth.

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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