[Advaita-l] Qn. on yoga and advaita

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Dear Amuthan Arunkumar,

When all duality disappears at the time of the dissolution of the universe,
the secondless Atman still remains unknown, because then, as in deep sleep,
there is no teacher and no scripture, though there may be absence of
duality. - Panchadashi 4-41

The mere absence of duality does not make one a gyani; nor does it liberate.
The knowledge of unity 'in the face of duality' is necessary.

Nirvikalpa samadhi or yoga is generally understood as a temporary withdrawal
from the body and senses when one experiences oneness. As long as this
experience is temporary, and as long as this feeling of one-ness does not
pervade the person who has come back into the world of name and form from
that nirvikalpa samadhi, how can he said to be a gyani?


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namo nArAyaNAya 

dear list members,

recently, i have been coming across many sources (both
in this list and outside) that yoga was later modified
to fit into advaita. the main contention is that
nirvikalpa samAdhi alone does not lead to moksha...and
in some places it is treated on par with deep sleep;
in that there is no citta vr.tti during nirvakalpa
samAdhi and in deep sleep. 

i'd be extremely thankful if some of the list members
who are well versed in advaita vedanta can clarify
this issue by clearly showing the relation between
yoga and advaita, i.e. the similarities and
differences. to sum it up, is nirvikalpa samAdhi a
necessary condition for the attainment of moksha?

please provide references where this subject is dealt
with in detail.

hari sarvatra, 

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