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The name of the 4rth book store is Giri Book Store at Matunga (E). 



On 6/14/05, Sanjay Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sri Mahesh Ursekar wrote:
> "The current Dalai Lama has gone on record to say that the Buddhist
> scriptures can be thrown away if any of their truths are proved wrong
> by science, however dear they may be to him. So, did the great Buddha
> say - do not take me as a God but question every thing I tell you and
> reject it if it doesn't agree with reason. Would you hold Shruti as
> fact even if 'proved'
>  invalid by science?"
> Science and shruti operate in different realms that do not intersect.
> Science works on pratyaksha etc. as pramana while shruti is a pramana
> in itself. If something in shruti can be proved or disproved by other
> pramanas, it is not in the valid jurisdiction of shruti. Shruti is a
> pramana where no other pramana is available. How can therefore be any
> conflict between shruti and science or any other field of knowledge?
> " Can you possibly point me to a place in Mumbai where I can get such
> treasures (in English only)?
> For vedanta books (English) in Mumbai, try 1) Chetana Book Store at
> Kala Ghoda 2) Bharati Vidya Bhavan bookstore at Chowpatty 3) Motilal
> Banarasidas bookstore near Mahalaxmi Mandir and 4) (I forget the name)
> bookstore near shankar matham at Matunga. If something is not available
> at these four places, you can pretty much assume that it is not
> available in Mumbai.
> Regards.
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