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Self Introduction: 
My name is Anantharaman.  I am 51 and live in Tamilnadu, India.  I am
a finance professional and have worked overseas for about 12 years
having relocated to India some 14 years ago.
I come from a traditional south Indian family with strong cultural
roots and a religious/spiritual background. As a child I have attended
Veda classes for initiation into proper vedic chanting for regular
performance of nitya karmas.  These gradually inculcated in me a
desire to learn the meanings of the scriptures.  I used to read many
books published by Ramakrishna Math and some experiences of seekers
such as Paul Brunton, Arthur Koestler, Mouni Sadhu, etc.  These
readings awakened in me a desire to study Advaita Vedanta, but I was
not, and perhaps am still not, a serious student.  But I still became
a 'mumukshu', thanks to attending lectures and regular classes on Adi
Shankara's works such as Tattva Bodha, Atma Bodha, two or three of the
10 Upanishads considered 'major'/important alongwith with commentaries
of the Bhashyakara  This was during the eighties and later when I
relocated to India, I had the opportunity and privilege to attend
Vedanta camps (weekly/fortnightly/monthly, etc) on a regular basis. So
much so, that not infrequently, I end up quoting from/talking about,
the basics to many colleagues and friends, while in the office,
travelling, etc.
Over a last couple of decades or so, my interest and understanding of
the subject has deepened and I read relatively more. As I grow older I
intend to spend more time in the study of this beautiful subject that
has no equal.
Well, this is my background and interest in Advaita Vedanta.

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