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4. Regarding sankara's "sub-bhAshya" on the yoga-sUtra, I was
surprised to see in Tathagat's post that it is a "newly discovered
text". If this is so, what is the basis for our traditional
understanding of sankara's views on the yoga-darshana? The very fact
that the yoga-darshana was absorbed into advaita vedAnta is an
indication that sankara's views on the same were well understood by
our AcArya-s.

Hare Krishna

Shankara clearly says in sUtra bhAshya  that yOga darshana is a dvaita
darshana since they are not the propagators of upanishad praNIta Atmaikatva
darshana...(dvaitinO hi tE sAnkhyAH yOgAsha na Atmaikatva darshinaH) yOga
darshana maintains eternal difference between prakruti & Ishwara..its
doctrine is more close to sAnkhya than advaita.  Another name of yOga
darshana is *sEshvara sAnkhya* as this school brings in Ishwara & his
adhIna prakruti.  No doubt shankara accepts & recommends  first five limbs
of patanjala yOga as an aid for antaranga sAdhana..but shankara uses terms
like  dhAraNa, dhyAna & samAdhi in an entirely different context when
compared to patanjala yOga darshana.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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