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Ramesh Murthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 07:05:54 CDT 2005

[Shri Bhaskar wrote:]
> Shankara clearly says in sUtra bhAshya  that yOga darshana is a dvaita
> darshana since they are not the propagators of upanishad praNIta Atmaikatva
> darshana...(dvaitinO hi tE sAnkhyAH yOgAsha na Atmaikatva darshinaH) yOga
> darshana maintains eternal difference between prakruti & Ishwara..its
> doctrine is more close to sAnkhya than advaita.  Another name of yOga
> darshana is *sEshvara sAnkhya* as this school brings in Ishwara & his
> adhIna prakruti.  No doubt shankara accepts & recommends  first five limbs
> of patanjala yOga as an aid for antaranga sAdhana..but shankara uses terms
> like  dhAraNa, dhyAna & samAdhi in an entirely different context when
> compared to patanjala yOga darshana.

Pranam Bhaskar prabhuji,

I have understood your above point very well. No need to repeat it
again and again :)

The question I am now asking is NOT "what were Sankara's views" but
"how do we know what Sankara's views were". If the sUtra bhAshya is a
recently discovered text, then how did our traditional AcAryas know
Sankara's view on the yOga darshana? Is oral tradition the basis or
are the above views mentioned in some other text as well?

dhanyavaad & Hari Om


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