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*****The two wings to fly into Heaven, the abode of Light*****

Indeed a bird, or even an airplane, needs two wings to lift itself into
the heaven. A man needs two legs to walk on earth and a chariot needs two
wheels to move. In the same way a fish needs two fins to swim in water.
So, whether we want to swim in the ocean of world and want to avoid the
drowning in it; or we want to tread the pathless path of Self-realization
(Atma-jnana) or we want to fly into the Heaven (parama-dyauh), the supreme
abode of Light, we need a pair of supports to support us on our journey.

What is this support, which is a must to support us when pursuing Light
and Peace?

Gita tells us about Karma Yoga (Selfless deeds and service of mankind for
the purification of heart) and Bhakti Yoga (Devotion/Self surrender to
that Supreme Reality for to enable the heart to receive enlightenment).

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali talk about Abhyasa (constant practice) and
Vairagya (detachment towards worldly objects). Also Krishna mentions these
two in the 6th chapter of the Gita. In fact, Abhyasa (constant practice)
IS Karma Yoga and Vairagya (detachment) can only come when a person is
attached towards the Lord alone, thus it equals to Bhakti Yoga (devotion).
Vyasa, the commentator, tells us that Abhyasa (constant practice) is like
the power that pumps up the water and Vairagya (detachment) is like the
valve which block the water from flowing back! What if a person would only
keep on pumping without using a valve to block the water from flowing
back? All effort would become vain.

"By two wings is man lifted above earthly things, viz., by simplicity and
purity". St. Thomas A Kempis.

Let me tell you here that Purity can only be gained by the Abhyasa
(constant practice) of Karma Yoga (selfless deed or actions of service),
simplicity can only be achieved by Vairagya (detachment towards worldly
objects) or BhaktiYoga (devotion, i.e. attachment towards the Lord alone).

This is the proof that all the great saints, of any era or place on earth,
say exactly the same thing, they might use different terminology. That is
the effect of time and space on the faculty of speech. But, the truth that
has been expressed is the same in all cases.

Let me tell you something more.

According to the Rig-veda, one of the names of that Supreme Truth is
Suparna, i.e. the one having beautiful golden wings. I'm inclined to tell
you that simplicity in daily life and purity of heart are those two golden
wings, that lift us up into the abode of Light.

The Puranas tell us that the vehicle of Lord Vishnu (the Supreme Lord that
has penetrated everything) is also a giant eagle called Garuda or Suparna.
He, too, is depicted mythically as having golden wings. I think this is
what is its mystical esoteric significance, obtain the two golden wings of
simplicity and purity, they would work as the vehicle of the Lord, and,
behold, he would reach you.

Moreover, these are also the two wings with which all angels are pictured
in the cathedrals around the globe. Cannot any human become an angel by
simply adding these two wonderful Golden Wings of simplicity and Purity?
Come on, let's try!

Let me tell you something more in this context. A perfect human is the
greatest angel. All those angels that you see in cathedrals and churches,
or hear about in Holy Scriptures like the Avesta, the Koran or the Bible,
have to bow down in front of such a human. Isn't this the same thing that
has been mentioned just in different terms in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
(1-4-10), "Even the demigods are unable to hinder such a Enlightened
Human". And did you know the angel that denied this command of the Lord
was condemned to Hell and called Satan or Iblis. When to be a Human can be
such a great thing, then why not try once to be one! Trust me, it's worth


Siddhartha Krishna


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