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Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 17:16:05 CST 2005

Rama asks -
"Thanks for the reference to Nakamutra. Can you quote a reference to
Nakamuras study of the authorship of the vivaraNa? A mere translation
is not of much use."
In yet another mail he claims -
"Nakamura and Mayeda have not conducted any study of the vivaraNa. They
merely repeat Hackers ***speculation*** on the authorship of the
Now Raghavendra is confused. So he asks -
Dear Sir, how do you know that Nakamura has merely repeated Hacker's ***speculation*** when you are not even aware of any references to his work? And if you are already aware of them, an e-mail from me indicating what these references are would be superfluous. Or, are you merely testing my memory here?
I will answer more of your points in a subsequent mail, but I "happened" to see that book Tradition and Reflection by Halfbass today. Incidentally, this book also has a reference to Nakamura's study (your attention please). It is a potentially extra-ordinary work if it really points out "many of the deficiencies of Trevor Leggett's study" because a casual glance at the index by yours truly has found only four references to Leggett. I am wondering how Leggett's entire work can be refuted in just 4 pages. Or, is it a different edition of this book that is being referred to here? I could be wrong though, but I will comment on this after I have gone through atleast some portion of the book. 

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