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"I should say I am surprised by what you said. You say Ramesh S Balsekar
does not follow Advaita Vedanta. The website http://www.rameshbalsekar.com/
does convey a different message."

 I have attended Ramesh' lecture in Mumbai for over two years. Though he
claims to follow advaita line, it is very different from what we are
discussing on this list. First, it is not advaita as taught by Shankara.
Secondly, it does not accept authority of prasthana-trayi. It is based on
his subjective understanding of teachings of Nisargadatta Maharaj. And
thirdly, in his opinion advaita--which is an all encompassing philosophy--
is different from advaita vedanta-- which is rigid and orthodox (thank
God! ). In his unique version of advaita, he has synthesized advaita,
buddhism, christian mysticism, sufism, tao, zen and practically every
other thing by taking selective verses as per convenience. On a personal
level, he is an honest man who sincerely believes his theory.

There is no harm in exploring, if it appeals to you.

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