[Advaita-l] RE: Vedic Shakhas for kshatriyas and vaishyas?

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Tue Jan 18 05:44:33 CST 2005

I'm addressing the statement of Mr. Jaladhar ji.

>>>>>On the contrary she is
going 180 degrees in the wrong direction and becoming _less_ dharmic by
abandoning her svadharma.

Sir, I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with you. "Svaadhyayo'dhyetavyah"
is not a statement only for men, it is for all. Studying the Divine Words
of the Creator is the Svadharma of every human being on this earth. It is
the duty, because only then one can know the correct path, as described by
the Supreme Creator.
I think women should read the Vedas. Therefore she is going into the
correct direction, and sorry sir, but I think you ought to follow her.
I can't understand when there are nearly 11 Rishikas (Female Seers) in the
Rig-veda, to whom Divine Mantras were reveled by the Supreme Reality, how
come somebody can say that women shouldn't read the Vedas. What about
Gargi and Maitreyi?
When the Supreme Godhead has been worshipped in so many female forms, like
Ida, Aditi, Ushas, Sarasvati in the Vedas itself, how can somebody claim
that the Vedas shouldn't be read by ladies?
Even if the Puranas mention such statements, then they should be
considered "avaidika" i.e. against the Vedas. And doesn't Manu ji mention
that any Smriti that is against the Veda shouldn't be accepted.
Please make it clear that in the Yajur Veda the Supreme Reality has
clearly mentioned that "I'm uttering this divine auspicious voice for all
people, for the Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Shudras, Vaishyas, for those who
belong to me and for those who are not related to me" (Shukla Yajur Veda
How then can somebody claim that the Vedas should be read by some
particular people. They are the words of God, and belong to everybody in
this world. They don't belong to anybody particular in India, or even to
India alone. A scripture which orders us "to make the entire world Arya,
i.e. noble" how on earth can somebody claim it to belong to any particular
country, cast, sex or religion.
A Book which tells us that "let me look upon all creatures with a friendly
eye", how can it teach us killing animals? It is all misinterpretation
from the beginning to end.
Let me make it clear, I have been studying Vedanta from some very
traditional masters since the last 20 years. I have studied the
Prasthanatraya Bhashyam with Ananda Giri's commentary from orthodox
traditional masters. And after I studied the Vedas myself, I came to the
conclusion that many of the traditional beliefs or statements in Vedanta
regarding the Vedas are totally wrong and are existing because most of the
Vedantin simply didn't study the Samhitas.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>So what is the "point" of learning Vedas?
It won't make you dearer than other people to God
It won't give you secret superpowers other people don't have.
It sure as hell won't make you wealthy or successful in the world.

I'm sorry sir, but I think it is time for us scholars of Sanskrit to wake
up and abandon such beliefs. I think this to be a shame that such beliefs
still exist. Let me tell you that if Hinduism, which is Vedism indeed, has
to spread around the world it would have to go back to its roots that are
the Vedas. Vedas are the most beautiful scripture on earth, with such
universal philosophy, that it is the only holy book which can truly become
true holy book of the entire world.

The point of learning the Vedas is that it will make you a better human, a
better man/woman. A society who has studied the Vedas would make a better
society. A country which has studied the Vedas would become the
master-of-world, JagadGuru. Eventually a better world to live in, free
from extremists which know only to fight in the name of religion, religion
that is peace. Whatever India is today, whatever Indian culture is today,
and whatever Vedanta you guys are discussing in here, it is only a branch
of Veda. The Sun of Veda is extremely radiant, more then thousand such
physical suns. It is the Sun of Knowledge. It outshines everything. Its
light is for all, for all countries, for all sexes, for all branches of
I'm very sorry if I'm harsh, I don't intend to hurt, I simply want to
convey my message against such wrong beliefs and superstitions which have
been the cause of the downfall of Hinduism, but I'm ready for any rebuke
in the service of the Vedas.
Siddhartha Krishna

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