[Advaita-l] Do Hindus have self-respect?

J-k omeganlp at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 11 12:19:28 CST 2005

Sometimes self-respect is better protected by refusing to retaliate. I am not thinking about the lack of legal action in case it is a formally feasible option. I rather mean the refusal to get your consiousness to the level of the barbarian who does not recognize or repect any self at all, his own included. 

K Anand <carex at vsnl.com> wrote:
Yesterday evening a team of policemen barged into the Holy precincts of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and arrested the junior Sankaracharya while he was doing the evening puja. The policemen were found to be wearing shoes and showed no respect whatsoever to the place they were in. Can this happen in a place of worship or reverence belonging to any of the other religions? Why are we taking this lying down? Do we really have any self-respect left? What do we do about it? 

Anand K

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