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namo nArAyaNAya!

dear shrI sa~njay shrIvastava,

--- Sanjay Srivastava
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> The statement would be true only if it is made by
> the avasthAtIta purusha.
> However all this debate is being done by the
> abhimAnI of
> jAgradavasthA. For him, jAgrat and swapna cannot
> have the same level
> of reality. When transacting his vyApara in
> jAgradavasthA, it would be
> inconsistent for him to hold the jAgrat and swapna
> at the same level
> of reality.

it is not necessary to be an avasthAtIta puruSha to
state that the jAgrat and svapnAvasthA-s are of the
same level of reality. since we experience both the
jAgrat and svapnAvasthA-s, we are fully entitled to
draw conclusions about it. noting that the dream
experience is qualitatively identical to the waking
experience, we can conclude without any further resort
to the shAstra-s that both are of the same level or
reality. the problem arises only with deep sleep. we
cannot make any conclusion about that since we don't
experience deep sleep during deep sleep. the necessity
for being an avasthAtItA puruSha arises in this

from our experience alone, we cannot definitively
conclude that the world is real or unreal. the best we
can do is to note the indistinguishable nature of the
dream and waking worlds. however, an avasthAtIta
puruSha will be able to assert for sure that the
perceived universe is mithyA. this is not possible for

thus, while avasthAtraya viveka is not possible
without being a j~nAni, avasthAdvaya viveka (viveka of
jAgrat and svapnAvasthA-s) is fully within our reach. 

vAsudevaH sarvaM,

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