[Advaita-l] AvasthA-traya

Sanjay Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 10:47:45 CST 2005

Sri Amuthan Arunkumar wrote (on rAsa-lIlA):

> it is only due to avidyA that we
> think that the jAgradavasthA is more real than the
> svapnAvasthA. both the jAgradavasthA and the
> svapnAvasthA have the same level of reality. if we
> call svapna as unreal, the waking world is also
> unreal. if we call the jAgradavasthA as real, then
> svapna is also equally real.

The statement would be true only if it is made by the avasthAtIta purusha.

However all this debate is being done by the abhimAnI of
jAgradavasthA. For him, jAgrat and swapna cannot have the same level
of reality. When transacting his vyApara in jAgradavasthA, it would be
inconsistent for him to hold the jAgrat and swapna at the same level
of reality.


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