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Ram ram
I thought I can share some of my thoughts on Sushupti.

Mr Guy Werlings has raised the subject of Sushupti-deep sleep.

In Hindu Philosophy Jagrath (awake),Swapna(dream sleep) and Sushupti
(Dreamless deep sleep) are being quoted often.There is one more stage
Turiam(Fourth stage) about which we will come later.

In order to understand Sushupti we should first understand Swapna(dream
sleep).Dr Ramamurthi,the famous nero surgeon has scientifically established
that every human being is having dream before sleep.He had conducted
experiments with a set of volunteers with questions over a period of
time.Infact there is one more finding also not supported by Hindu
Philosophy ie
dream sleep,deep dreamless sleep,dream sleep and then man awkes.

Hindu Philosophy has some core phrases/facts while explaining the philosophy
ie Swampna(dream sleep),mirror,sukthi and rajatham,sasasringam,simho
manavakaha,drama stage with a light showing that nobody is in the hall.

Mr Saxena is right in the sense that sleep consists of three parts ie swapna
stage when mind alone is awake while in sushupti mind gets into puritha
nadi.This is used to establish that Athma is swayamprakasam and therfore on
awakening the person is able to say"I had a good sleep without knowing
anything ".Thr third stage Thuriam also is part of sleep for Jeevanmukthas
(self liberated persons).However enough information is not available as to
how this is different from Sushupti.

Ram Ram
K Sundara raman

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