[Advaita-l] Forwarded mail from Guy Werlings: nidrA and sushupti

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I am forwarding a mail from Sri Guy Werlings, as he seems to be facing some 
difficulty sending mail to the list.


From: "Guy Werlings" <werlings.guy at wanadoo.fr>

Dear friends,
I am very glad to be back with you after several years. Unfortunately I am 
still very ignorant and I am always in need of help and clarifications. 
Recently I studied very carefully again the ashhTaavakra sam.hitaa to see if 
I could find in it any reference to “avasthâtraya vicAra”, my favourite 
subject of investigation, but I could find only the two Sloka-s mentioned 
here below in Itrans encoding scheme:

.. ashhTaavakra sam.hitaa ..

na jagarti na nidraati nonmiilati na miilati .
aho paradashaa kvaapi vartate muktachetasaH .. 17\-10..

kva svapnaH kva sushhuptirvaa kva cha jaagaraNaM tathaa .
kva turiyaM bhayaM vaapi svamahimni sthitasya me .. 19\-5..

I noted that two different words were used to describe sleep, i.e. nidrA and 
sushupti. As I could not find the difference by myself and as I have the 
good fortune of being still in contact with SrI Subhanu Saxena, I took the 
liberty of asking him and he kindly replied: nidrA is a general word for 
sleep, whereas suSupti has the specific sense of dreamless sleep. I know 
that SrI Saxena is exceptionally knowledgeable and that I can completely 
rely upon his explanation, but if somebody could elaborate a little more on 
the subject I should be very thankful.

namAmi bhagavatpAdaM sha~NkaraM lokasha~Nkaram.h ||


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