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Here's a link to the ISCKON site which gives the importance and significance
of Rasa Lila.




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Today's Topics:

   1. Lanka Krishnarao sent you this link (Lanka Krishnarao)
   2. New member introduction: Santhosh Nair (Jaldhar H. Vyas)
   3. Raslila (murali mohan)


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Hi, This is the my confirmation for the subscription to the Advaita list.

As to my introduction, I am Santhosh, 26 years, working in Mumbai 
presently. I am very much interested in topics related to Hindu Gods and 
the various rituals and practices. However, I am except for the famous 
stories that one hears about the Hindu Gods. I am joining the group so 
that I can get more knowledge in these matters.



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From: murali mohan <murali_mohan at yahoo.com>
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  Can someone pls explain this Rasalila from Bagavatham - was it just a
midnight dance with gopis or something more physical? I could understand the
other events from Bhagavatham but never this one. Why was it reqd at all - i
mean this midnight love making with a group of married women ? No other
Avatar has done anything so --------.
  My other religion friends are making fun of these things and I would like
to explain to them. Pls help!!  

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