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Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,
  Dear all,
  In the Sanatana dharma, call it Vaidic dharma, Arya dharma or Hindu  dharma, we  believe that our births are not accidental. Depending  on our past karma and the consequent unfulfilled desire we take birth  in   particular caste or in particular economic or  intellectual environment. Therefore it is required of us to to fulfill  these obligations  that occur due to birth in a particular  situation. Then of course we can go beyond that after fulfilling the  obligations. 
  Sunil Bhattacharjya

"Rammohan, Chandrashekar" <Chandrashekar.Rammohan at Arbella.com> wrote:  Respected Advaita Abhyasis,

In the context of Gita, Lord Krishna speaks about the importance of
Swadharma. There is a reference to it in Chapter 3 as well as in Chapter 18

Sreyaan Swadharmo Vigunahah, Paradharma Swanusthithaat
Swadharmae Nidhanam Sreyahah, Paradharmo Bhayavahah.

My question is 
How do we determine our Swadharma, is it based on our caste ( As in if we
are born a Brahmin, we are supposed to learn and teach, while if we are born
a Vaishya, we are supposed to be traders in business) OR
Is it based on interests ?? Are there any indications or clues to know that
we have identified our Swadharma correctly ?

Is peace of mind an indirect indication of Swadharma ??




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