[Advaita-l] matter and spirit (jatam and chaitanyam)

Abhishek RK rkabhi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 02:38:41 CST 2005

In advaita only thing emphasised is "not looking at the forms independent of
Brahman". The iron alone is moulded into knife and scissors. Advaita asks us
to look at the iron. We can only change our viewpoint. We cannot expect the
forms around us to suddenly change into Brahman. Hope it helps.


On 12/2/05, murali mohan <murali_mohan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just one basic doubt. Most religions and philosophies talk about this
> matter and spirit and that one has to rise above matter and know the spirit
> etc etc . Even Gita talks about ones lower nature (matter or jatam) and
> higher nature (spirit or chaitanyam). My question is are they two different
> things? In Advaita there is only spirit - even science says there is nothing
> but energy and matter is only condensed energy having a form for the certain
> period of time after which it dissipates. So what is all this about rising
> above matter when matter itself is brahman as there is nothing other than
> brahman?
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bhava Sankara deSika me saraNam

sadASiva samArambham SankaracArya madhymam
asmadAcArya paryantam vande guru paramparam

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