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> Badisa: Please quote references from Upanishads, or
> Brahmasutra or Bhagawad Gita in this regard. 


> Therefore, the conclusion is that the
> soul before salvation is finite,
>  and it will be infinite at salvation.

Your conclusion indicates that the soul is changing (finite
before salvation, infinite at salvation).

This viewpoint of yours is directly opposed to the Bhagavad GItA
verse 2.25:

avyakto.ayamachintyo.ayamavikaaryo.ayamuchyate .
tasmaadeva.n viditvaina.n naanushochitumarhasi ..

"The Self is said to be avyaktaH (unmanifested or not perceived
by the senses), achintyaH (unthinkable or inconceivable),
avikAryaH (UNCHANGEABLE). Hence knowing this, do not grieve."

> Unlike you, I am not
> saying that the soul is both finite and infinite at the same
> time. My understanding is based on sruti support.  

Your understanding only violates the GItA, which says that the
Self is avikAryaH or unchangeable!


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