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> It is ok when you understand that gyani has PK only from
> vyavaharika drushti. That means in absolute sense he has no
> PK. Right? That means he is the divine upon the dawn of gyan
> while living. It means that gyani should have all features of
> divine, and should be able to do all things as divine in
> absolute sense. In that case, 
>    create the universe (w.r.t SB)?
>    dissolve the universe (w.r.t SB)?
>    take up multiple forms at the same time (w.r.t SB)?
>    visit any where and any lokas with his mere will (w.r.t
> SB)?
>    be at all places at the same time (w.r.t NB)?
>  In other words, since gyani is divine due to dawn of
> knowledge, there should be no limitation for him to perform
> any thing, not from vyavaharika drushti, but from absolute
> sense.

"Not even Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are equal to a GYAnI." 
- Ramana Maharshi.

Shankara also says something similar (in his
upadeshasaahasrii?), "To a GYAnI, even Brahma and Indra are
pitiable objects."

To ask if a GYAnI is able to create or destroy the universe is
like asking if a king can stitch clothes. Why would a king
bother to stitch clothes when he rules a kingdom with many
tailors, who are ready to do the work for him?

The GYAnI does not associate the Self with ANY action, even if
it be the actions of Brahma, Vishnu or Siva. Even these "lofty"
actions are BENEATH a GYAnI!


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