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“The BSB 4.1.13 does not specifically speak about praarabdha from

the GYAnI's viewpoint versus the aGYAnI's”


Badisa: Well, as per this sutra, out of three types, the past and future karmas are taken care of. It means that the third type of karma is not taken of. Otherwise, this sutra would have specifically mentioned about it. But when the sutra did not say so, it means that the gyani is not freed from third type of karma. It is like this, when we say one of the two persons is the best, it automatically implies that the second person is not the best. There is no need to make another statement that the second person is not the best. It needs to be understood automatically. By saying that the above sutra does not speak PK from gyani’s or agani’s points of view, you are clearly indicating that you are looking for such terms in this sutra. You will not find them. But upon analysis, you will certainly see the meaning. The meaning is there, and depends how you look at it. It is the intension we need to look deep in the sutra as per the context, not mere presence of words.  For the sake of more
 specificity, I have also quoted sutra 4.1.15, where it is more clear about PK. But you selectively omitted it. For your kind information I did not say that 4.1.13 has influence on gyani. But I did say it, based on sutra 4.1.15 along with sruti text (Ch. Up. 6.14.2) for delay on gyani’s release. Unfortunately these points were not observed carefully or omitted on purpose. At any rate can you please make your position clear on the following.


In my opinion, absolute salvation is the state where the atma identifies with absolute existence. There are no two in this state, but only one is present. This is called the divine. It has some features with respect to Saguna Brahman (SB), and few of them are as follows: 


* It creates the universe.  

* It dissolves the universe. 

* It can attain multiple forms at the same time.

* It can go anywhere and any lokas with its mere will (w.r.t SB).

* It is all pervasive with respective to Nirgun Brahman (NB). 


In other words, it has no limitation for any thing. 


It is ok when you understand that gyani has PK only from vyavaharika drushti. That means in absolute sense he has no PK. Right? That means he is the divine upon the dawn of gyan while living. It means that gyani should have all features of divine, and should be able to do all things as divine in absolute sense. In that case, 




   create the universe (w.r.t SB)?
   dissolve the universe (w.r.t SB)?
   take up multiple forms at the same time (w.r.t SB)?
   visit any where and any lokas with his mere will (w.r.t SB)?
   be at all places at the same time (w.r.t NB)?

 In other words, since gyani is divine due to dawn of knowledge, there should be no limitation for him to perform any thing, not from vyavaharika drushti, but from absolute sense.


Please make your stands clear by providing the sruti references for the possibility of these activities on the part of gyani.


Also, please indicate why the liberated soul at BL is said to have not attained salvation and why the gyani on the Earth is said to be attained salvation?  





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