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> > In summary, dawn of knowledge makes the gyani free from all
> > sanchita karmas. But PK still clings to him.
> The above statements are thoroughly false. The GYAnI is free
> of
> ALL KARMA, not just of one kind.

Here's yet another quote from Shankara's aparokshaanubhuuti,
which is almost verbatim of what Ramana Maharshi says:


Anyway, in the aporAxanubhUti, sha.nkara flatly says that there
is no prArabdha for the GYAni. See verse 90. He points out that
just as waking from a dream, the world ceases to exist for the
GYAni. He says:

dehasya-api prapa.ncatvAt.h prArabdhAvasthitiH kutaH |
aGYAni-jana-bodhArthaM prArabdhaM vakti vai shrutiH |

The body also [occuring] from phenomenal existence, how can
prArabdha exist [after GYAna]? Only for instructing the ignorant
people, the shruti talks of prArabdha.

That's one of my favorite verses in that text.

Another interesting point from that text: He points out that the
muNDaka upanishhad says that "xIyante cha-asya karmANi" or all
actions are destroyed. If prArabdha were to remain (among
sa.ncita, Agami and prArabdha) even after enlightenment, then
the upanishhad would not have used the plural "karmANi", it
should have used the dual, namely karme! See verse 98. 


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