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Thu Aug 18 20:45:30 CDT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, arun nair wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> Hari Om,
> I attended a satsang conducted by the Dada Bhagwan group. They believe
> that exhaustion of all our sanceti karmas accumulated over a number of
> lives will take a long timeand by the touch of a Gyani purush we can
> burn the sanceti karmas in his Gyan agni.
> In advaita my understanding is that avidya is the reason for our
> identification with the body and mind which is beginningless and
> innate in us, which makes us perform actions as the doer and the
> knower which results in more karmas. The ultimate aim is to remove
> this ignorance and realise Brahman. The accumulated vasanas have to be
> exhausted by us and that a Realised soul cannot really burn the
> sanceti karma accumulated in us and has to be burnt in the Knowledge
> of the Self experienced by the sadhak.
> Is my understanding correct. Pls guide.

You are quite correct and Advaita Vedanta is categorically against the 
notion that any God or Guru can "give" jnana least of all by a simple 

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