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Dear Arun nairji

I beleive your simple understanding is right. All the Upanishads are
unambigious and explicit that NO KARMA whatsoever can ever erase all or any
of the Sanchita Karmas; this is why even the Mahapurushas had to undergo the
karmaphalas of their past karmas, except that the pain or other suffering
that we see them undergoing is oblivious to them -eg Sri Ramana Maharishi.
Equally important it is to understand that KNOWLEDGE (a complete
understanding and assimilation of the meaning of the Mahavakyas) is capable
of erasing the Karmaphalas and the attainment of MOKSHA.


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Dear List Members,

Hari Om,

I attended a satsang conducted by the Dada Bhagwan group. They believe
that exhaustion of all our sanceti karmas accumulated over a number of
lives will take a long timeand by the touch of a Gyani purush we can
burn the sanceti karmas in his Gyan agni.

In advaita my understanding is that avidya is the reason for our
identification with the body and mind which is beginningless and
innate in us, which makes us perform actions as the doer and the
knower which results in more karmas. The ultimate aim is to remove
this ignorance and realise Brahman. The accumulated vasanas have to be
exhausted by us and that a Realised soul cannot really burn the
sanceti karma accumulated in us and has to be burnt in the Knowledge
of the Self experienced by the sadhak.

Is my understanding correct. Pls guide.


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