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Dear Sri U.K.Anumula
I think discussions regarding yagnopaveetham have taken place and if you can
go through them you will get your answers.However I will give my
understanding of the wearing of yagnopaveetham and its
significance.Yagnopaveetahm has been prescribed compulsorily for the
Brahmins and Kshathriyas and Vysyas can wear them if they so desire.For the
Sudras it is not prescribed and they should not wear them.There is no why
for these injunctions.May be as per Manusmirithi.At the first induction to
Brahminhood of the sons of brahmins only three threads are in the
yagnopaveetham and a ceremony is a must.For other two varunas it is
optional.The thread ceremony as it is called is conducted maximum before
11years.In that stage he is called a brahmachari.When he gets married he is
to wear one more set of three threads making the yagnopaveetham a pair of
three threaded entities.This is to indicate his status in the society that
he is a grihastha now.Regarding any uniform code these things go by customs
and what great Rishis have said or elaborated the Smirithy vakyas.Sanyasis
have to cast away their yagnopaveethas even if they were brahmins by
birth.Caste of a person went by his birth.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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> What is the significance of "yagnyopaveetam (sacred thread)?  Why is it
> by some castes and not by others? Is there any significance to the number
> threads a 'brahmachari' can wear as contrasted with the number worn by
> married persons?  Is there a uniform code for wearing the yagyopaveetam
> all Hindus?
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