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Aditya Varun Chadha wrote:

> what is that "Karma" which the Gita
> prescribes if the goal is to "attain" brAhmaN-hood - the
state of
> perfect "karma-lessness"?

And Vaidya Sundaram replied:

As I mentioned earlier, brAhman is never the "outcome" and
hence not
strictly "attain"-able.
IMHO, the BG presribes, describes and advocates multiple
paths, karma yoga
being only one. It is not like the only way, nor is it
possible to be
"karma-less". For, truly speaking, evan a karma-yogin is
not "karma-less".
He definitely does act, (i.e. performs karma), but is
beyond the shackles
created by the results of such karma. In this respect, it
might help if you
sort of conceive brAhman as a "state of dynamic
equilibrium", a self
contained system of true dynamism, with noting outside of
it. This
description in itself will be frowned upon by the more
knowledgeable members
as it is not only incomplete, but also inappropriate in
other situations
"describing" brAhman. 

I want to supplement Vaidya Sundarma's reply to the effect
that naishkarmaya-siddhi (karma-less-ness) is what is
recommended in the gita though of course it is high above
the normal reach of average persons however spiritually
oriented they may be. There is a lot that can be written on
this naishkarmya-siddhi.  I would like to refer Aditya-ji
to the following  web page on this subject:


Also you may refer to the following chart for what exactly
the Gita expects from the seeker:

PraNAms to all seekers of Truth

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy

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