[Advaita-l] Question about the right to Karma and Karma Alone

Vaidya Sundaram vaidyasundaram at vfemail.net
Tue Apr 26 08:57:59 CDT 2005

 Based on my understanding, here are some thoughts that I hope helps clarify
your confusion.

> If we say that all karma is ultimately rooted in the quest for

This would be only tangentially true. Karma is not rooted in the quest for
brAhman-hood. Infact, adherence to karma is only a necessary evil, to purify
oneself. Nothing more, nothing less.

> within the bounds of mAyA
> the paradox of this "desire for brAhmaN" arises.

"Desire for brAhman" is the only desire. All other desires in the world
arise because of the mistaken notion that the acheivement or fulfillment of
that desire would "result" in the "enjoyment" of brAhman.

> but it seems that "although I have right only over my karma, and never
> on its outcome," isn't the "reason" for karma the "desire" for that
> very outcome?

brAhman (or brAhman-hood) is never the "outcome" of any performed action or
inaction. It simply "IS".

> what is that "Karma" which the Gita
> prescribes if the goal is to "attain" brAhmaN-hood - the state of
> perfect "karma-lessness"?

As I mentioned earlier, brAhman is never the "outcome" and hence not
strictly "attain"-able.
IMHO, the BG presribes, describes and advocates multiple paths, karma yoga
being only one. It is not like the only way, nor is it possible to be
"karma-less". For, truly speaking, evan a karma-yogin is not "karma-less".
He definitely does act, (i.e. performs karma), but is beyond the shackles
created by the results of such karma. In this respect, it might help if you
sort of conceive brAhman as a "state of dynamic equilibrium", a self
contained system of true dynamism, with noting outside of it. This
description in itself will be frowned upon by the more knowledgeable members
as it is not only incomplete, but also inappropriate in other situations
"describing" brAhman. :)

> Even if gauDapAda's commentary is not available for this
> specific issue, views about what a pure ajAtivAdi might think of this
> issue would be useful.

IMHO, ajAtivAda would mean nothing was ever created, so nothing is ever
"away" from brAhman, hence there is no concept of "karma to be performed
that would result in braAhman-hood".

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam,

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